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All you need is Vitamin D

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D'bello Estabslished On 26/08/2014 with mission to provide solution for the un- availability of vegan vitamin D food to prevent vitamin D deficiency. According to health surveys, more than 80% Indians are Vitamin D deficient

Moreover, increasingly Indians are now faced with the challenge of poor sun exposure because of urbanization and related factors. This 'gap' served as an motivator for team Hidaa. Though their surveys, the team found that many people are reluctant to take the Vitamn D supplements as they are sourced from animals or chemically synthesized as vitamin D3 medicine. A vegetarian food source for vitamin D was yet to be identified.


With extensive research, the team has successfully developed natural vitamin D source product called, "D'bello," which is chemical free, 100% vegan, whole food nutrition from vegetable, cost effective and cooking stable. After successfully developing their prototype, the team went on to create awareness about the importance of Vitamin D.

After the greatest achivement Dbello Won Trend Setter Award by Gujarat Innovation Society in presence of Hon'ble CM of Gujarat. And , Recognized on Power of Idea page in all national addition of newspaper Economics Times as Hot-start up.

Also, Recognized by Zee news for its innovative way to resolve vitamin D deficiency.


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