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All you need is Vitamin D

There's increasing demand across the world for vitamin D, as more and more people become aware of its benefits. Recently, COVID-19 has increased demand for food and health products enriched using vitamin D to fight with CORONA virus. If you are in the Nutraceutical, or food & beverage industry, you'll want to make the most of this excitement. Here, we provide a natural whole food products as enriching solutions for vitamin D. Dbello is your best option.

D’bello is one of the world’s best-known and best-selling brands of vitamin D2. There are many reasons why it makes good business sense to use it.

With years of extensive research on vitamin D2 from natural sources for production to its usage, the solutions and services we offer, can help you across the board, whether you are in the nutraceutical, or in the food and beverages industry.

It’s all-natural

Dbello® is produced using growth of microorganisms in controlled conditions whether in nutrient beds of compost or tank fermentation process with a non-genetically modified, GRAS organism which could be fungi including edible mushrooms. This is essentially the same vitamin D2 that is found in natural mushrooms growing in wild conditions under the sun.

It has a validated identity

An expertise of scientists and NABL approved third-party analytical laboratory, have been used to confirm and analyze the vitamin D2 that we produce. Results obtained by advanced analytical techniques – namely HPLC – have validated the accuracy of the method, as well as confirmed the identity. D’bello® has been analysed and confirmed by independent, more than one independent prestigious laboratories which were NABL accredited.

Ensured formulation stability

D’bello has been confirmed for its stability in its various products used. As an ingredient, D’bello has been studied for its stability in final product. This gives tremendous confidence to supplement food formulators on the quality of ingredient.

Dedicated to vitamin D2

With years of extensive research on vitamin D2 from production to usage, we have identified several formulations for vitamin D2 in food. We are among the few suppliers of D2 with a broad range of applications available giving rise to product with stable form of vitamin D. D’bello® can easily be incorporated into a variety of food products. It can thus help to strengthen your presence in the market.

Vitamin D is a highly impactful nutrient for people of all ages, and it has earned its incredible reputation. This special vitamin has been linked to numerous health benefits, from enhancing the immune system to improving bone resilience. Vitamin D deficiency has been connected with ailments including multiple sclerosis, certain cancers, diabetes, etc., with new associations being discovered to this very day.

D’bello® natural vitamin D can easily be incorporated into a variety of products meant for health and food. It can thus help to strengthen your presence in the market. This helps to meet increasing demands for immunity build up products. Covid 19 fighting increased demand for immunity building products which dramatically increased the demand for vitamin D. Click on the relevant links below to find out more.

Supplement your brand salience

Vitamin D2 is arguably the most interesting vitamin of this decade, not only because of its unique functions and wide-ranging beneficial effects but also because of the ease with which it can be incorporated into your formulations silently without affecting its taste and texture.

Formulation possibilities

Dbello® can be formulated as a stand-alone or in combination with other functional ingredients. It can be incorporated in a tablet, capsule, or even sachet.


Vitamin D2 can improve the efficacy of formulations that address some of the therapeutic areas such as:

  • Bones
  • Immunity
  • Cardiovascular
  • Muscles
  • Depression
  • Diabetes management

D’bello® could be combined in protein powders or any health products to increase its neutraceutical property in natural way. This provides vitamin D2, and maintains the property of your formulation of being vegan or vegetarian.

Enrichall of your food products using natural vitamin D

Instead of taking supplements, some prefer to receive vitamin D “naturally,” through their diet. But very few foods contain this nutrient,

One of the most effective interventions universally recognized for the prevention of hidden malnutrition is providing vitamins from natural ingredients. D’bello® Natural Vitamin d2 lends itself admirably to this purpose.

Growth in the food & beverage market is driven by health options required by the consumer. Our body need Vitamin D2 for a number of vital functions, so it has a wide range of health applications. Recently, many of the reports are indicating the vital role of vitamin D in building our immunity against diseases such as COVID 19. Many governments have started distributing vitamin D in public for CORONA VIRUS fighting. Products as breads and cookies are being increasingly fortified with vitamin D, due to public demand of vitamin D products.

Hidaa Life Science, can assist you to meet the growing demand for products fortified with vitamin D2 as well as other active ingredients with our end-to-end solutions.

Various grades of D’bello are available in powder, or granule, form.

Here is a partial list of F&B products that can be fortified with D’bello®:

Dairy products

Fruit juices


Vegetable oils and spreads

Confectionary & chocolates

Hot drinks – like Tea & Coffee

Soy milk

Sports beverages

Energy bars

Vitamin D is typically recognized as being necessary for proper bone formation and maintaining calcium and phosphate in the body. Recent discoveries indicate that vitamin D is also required for the activation of critical innate immune defenses of cattle against microbial pathogens. Hence, vitamin D plays important role in growth, weight gain of chickens & animals as well as in there immunity. This makes them more resistant to diseases. Hence vitamin D is becoming critical in animal feed. The only stabilized source of vitamin D suitable for enriching animal feed is Vitamin D product from D’bello for animal feed.

D’bello® vitamin D ingredient specially designed for animal feed provides vitamin D, in the form which is stable. This feed is suitable for cattle feed as well as poultry and aqua culture

Our end-to-end solutions give you the benefit of our years of experience in R&D, formulation and marketing. We gladly help you develop new product formulations using D’bello®

With years of extensive research on vitamin D2 from production to clinical usage, the solutions and services we offer can only help you across the board, whether you are in the nutraceutical or the food and beverages industry.
End-to-end solutions from HidaaLifeScience :

The solutions and services we offer our partners include:

  • Assistance in developing new product formulations using D’bello®
  • Assistance in Analytical Method Development and Validation
  • Assistance in finding innovative application areas
  • Reference articles and brochures for promotional material
  • Product samples for R&D trials
  • Presentations for customer use
  • Updated scientific and regulatory information
  • 1) Whole food nutrition
  • 2) 100% vegan from vegetable source
  • 3) Chemical free : No additives/ No preservatives
  • 4) Cooking stable Vitamin D
  • 5) All the goodness of vitamin D are preserved
  • 6) Available in high concentrations of vitamin D, 100000IU/100g to 500000IU/100g. Available at concentration required.
  • 7) Doesn’t change taste and texture of food.
  • 8) Non GMO
  • 9) Plant protein rich, having antioxidants, and trace nutrients like selenium
  • 10) Grown and processed in India

D’bello, Naturally High Vitamin D is best for those who prefer to obtain daily nutrient requirements through their diet, instead of medicines. Since very few foods contain Vitamin D, D’bello could be easily incorporated in daily food to meet vitamin D requirement. D’bello incorporates suns energy in the form of sunshine vitamin, D, and delivers the same to us.

D’bello is natural vitamin D concentrate, vegan source, of vitamin D. D’bello, High Vitamin D Mushroom powder is whole-food supplement ingredient that provides a pure vegetable source of vitamin D2 with all of the nutritional benefits found in mushrooms.