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All you need is Vitamin D

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Vegan Vitamin D Powder

PID: PRD11 | Vitamin D Powder | 400

D'bello Naturally High Vitamin D Powder  (60 g)


This product can help you to get your vitamin D levels where they need to be and you can be sure that this product only uses the pure, natural mushroom powder only and there are no fillers and no chemical.

The potent and pure amount can start to correct your deficiency to help ease your symptoms. Try it is 100 % whole food nutrition.Highly concentrated product, required in very less quantity.


  • Suitable to all Age group
  • 1 spoon(1 gm) D"bello Powder = 1000 IU of Vitamin D2..
  • Do not Alter or change the texture or test of your product .
  • One and only potent and 100% natural plant source
  • 100%chemical free -No chemical or binder.
  • 100%Whole food nutrition- mushroom powder
  • Rich source of Dietary fibre, Potassium, Protein, Selenium, Anti-oxidant, B-glucan
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to incorporate in any food recipe like salt and sugar.

Now Vitamin D can also be kitchen ingredient With D'bello- vitamin D Any Where , anyTime .

Ingredients:100% Whole Mushroom Powder.

Direction for Use: Use Daily half spoon of powder to fulfill the daily body requirement of Vitamin D/or required IU dose suggested by your health adviser.


How to Use? One spoon (1gm) shall Provide 100% of daily Vitamin d need of two persons. It may be sprinkled on salad, Curd or mixed with any food recipe like Dal, sabji, Roti, etc.


 Everyday easy recipe for family (2 persons): 1) Add 1 spoon of D’bello powder in atta while making dough. 2) Use this dough to make Vitamin D ”Enriched” Roti.


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